Producing e-books

From finished manuscript to virtual bookshelf

by Forrest Davis

This e-book starts after a manuscript is written and explains the workflow for publishing a manuscript as an e-book. You'll learn about e-book formats and requirements, formatting in Word, using Calibre and Kindle Direct Publishing, and selling digital media on your book website and through online stores.

Forrest Davis is Director of Content Services with Desert Horizons Business Group, a print, online and multimedia publishing firm based in Tucson, Arizona. His experience includes working as a newspaper reporter and editor, a photojournalist and a bookstore manager. He has helped several authors as book editor, designer and production manager.

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  • Introduction
  • Preparing your manuscript for e-book publishing
  • Create the cover
  • Choosing e-book formats
  • Converting with calibre
  • Putting it out to the world